Jettison is an art-focused, collaborative, political rag. Jettison walks the tightrope between the permanent and ephemeral. Jettison is your insides ripped from your stomach and splayed upon a webpage. Jettison is the armpit hair growing from your girlcrush. Jettison flutters between the fictitious and the informative.

Give us your found films, political analyses, dream journal entries, promos to upcoming shows, reviews of the last thing you experienced and want to talk about in a unique lens, grocery lists, open letters to fictitious persons. From non fiction to fiction, written to visual, experimental to academic, story pitches to chapbooks, we’re interested in what you have to express. We at Jettison are especially interested in videos (animation, interviews, informative shorts, experimental work). Above all, we strive for quality and uniqueness. Please send your work as an attachment with the title [Genre, Last Name]. Please use the same title format as the subject of your email.

Simultaneous submissions are OK but let us know immediately if your piece(s) are accepted elsewhere. Send us your work at jettisonmag@gmail.com