Kah’lil Newton does not have any formal art training, anything he’s learned is through trial and error in the field, youtube tutorials, and studying his favorite works of art.

His art emerges from the desire to capture the beauty of living life, he’s simply inspired by life. “A million beautiful things happen every day, and I just want to be able to capture part of it,” the artist states.

Within his photography Kah’lil  tries to play with different ways one can represent black skin. He says that often the many rich and diverse values of black skin are failed by photography. To combat this Kah’lil explores many shades of color and darkness.

The biggest challenge this artist faces is lack of resources. He shoots on entry-level equipment with stock lenses and actual lamps instead of professional lighting.

Despite these obstacles Kah’lil embodies a noble and heart-warming pursuit within his work. “I want to communicate to people that they aren’t alone. That is my greatest concern with my work, to make sure people understand that we all go through shit, and it’s okay not to be happy all the time.”

You can follow his instagram here.