Music video: Filmed by Cam Frank on VHS

Sojii, from Grand Rapids, has a post-punk sound lined with grime and sweat. JUNKMALE, their new track, now released on video is hellish. It’s a slow climb through a web of mildew and eye-gunk into Adderal-induced heart palpitations accompanied by a comedown with crawling skin, dehydration and strained eyeballs looking at a new day.

Sojii, then consisting of Val and Katie, played at The Smiling Skull last winter. They killed it to a dim-light crowd of dirty old men on beer-stained floors. After all The Skull is what it is. I talked with Val about the new band members, their evolution of sound, and when the “Sojii Express” will be hauling back to Athens.

Mad Penny: What’s up with these new band members?

Valerie Salerno:  The new lineup is an amalgamate of the current active passengers on the Sojii Express. It’s Donny Olin on drums, Danny Sein on bass, and yours truly on guitar/vox. Katie Palmer is the main songwriter for Junkmale, and playing bass in the recording.

MP: How has your sound evolved?

VS: Our sound has changed in that Donny has introduced a warm seasonal spice.

MP: How did you approach this song, musically?

VS: Katie wrote the main melody of JUNKMALE for the most part. I just made all my parts really feedbacky and slimy.

MP: Favorite band right now?

VS: Show Me the Body from NY.

MP: Your ideal crowd?

VS: Ideal crowd is the one that doesn’t get chased out by cops. Or at least one dog or cat present.

MP: What do you do on the day-to- day?

VS: I bike bread around for tips and play guitar.



MP: Describe to me the best show you had.

VS: My favorite shows were playing with  An Atomic Whirl at Far House. And playing on tour in L.A. at Honey Trap.

MP: How’s the dog?

VS: Dog is well, she’s on a  farm in Alabama. I also believe that the kitty that pooped in your friend’s house is alive and well in Queens, NY.

MP: When is your next show?

VS: Our next show is October 20th at Mulligans in Grand Rapids, MI (our homey-town)

MP: When the fuck are you coming back to Athens?

VS: I hope to christ’s caterpillars we’ll be in Athens soon. This winter, or maybe even fall winkyface.