My dick is a bundle of socks
Because I was born
With a severe hormone imbalance.

In result I never grew a penis
And my testicles
Grew a foot too high

I urinate through a cone
Or else pretend to shit
Everytime I go to the goddamn

I made said cone
With a 2-Liter
That I cut with stolen scissors

At least I didn’t use them on myself
41 percent of transgender people
Commit suicide

While I can’t account for others
I personally understand that statistic
Because one out of two days
I just can’t imagine going on

It’s like being in a wheelchair no one can see
I’m treated and referred to as a woman
Because no one can see the real man

I’m told to walk up the stairs
But wheels don’t work that way

1 is murdered
Every 3 days

So of course I’m afraid
Of not only my own dysphoria
But of the prejudices of others

If only it was just the fear of exclusion
And not the fear of dying
For a simple mistake in my chemical make-up