Fahrenheit 0

I made “Fahrenheit 0” as a way to express this like, underlying uncertainty the current election is bringing us. We all get this idea that whoever wins the election, is going to usher in some dystopic future. And we all get this same idea that there’s going to be this huge uprising either way, from the left or right wing and we gotta ask how can we stop it? And in a way, I feel it can be interpreted as the sledgehammer shattering the screen is us just needing to take a minute to step away from all this and “Free Ourselves” from the stress of the election.

I specifically chose the scenes of Soylent Green and the “scoops” to represent the deportation that Trump wants to bring to our country, as a way to signify how terrifying that reality could be, when families would be forced to leave our country.

The significance of “WHAT IS THE SECRET” is just both sides asking how we can stop these realities and, both sides have brutal options of how to. I just feel like by the end of the election, our country is going to change in a drastic way and even in theory it just scares me.

Finally, I chose Peace Crimes from Fever The Ghost, mainly because the beat was good, the idea of “Peace Crimes” can be interpreted by the left and right greatly.